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Halten Hotel Seminar Apartments Spa (2022)

The new fitness studio in Pfäffikon SZ. Flexible opening hours, state-of-the-art training equipment and excellent trainers

Italian restaurant and steak house with outdoor terrace, event hall, wine tasting area and playground for children.

Bar with cigar lounge, live music with DJ set and events.

Guidomaggi is the leading manufacturer of Italian handmade luxury height-increasing shoes. The biggest store of elevator shoes in the world.

Barakà is an established brand of men’s jewelry, with high measures of technical and engineering features.

AJ Management Services AG is a specialized service company in the areas of accounting, marketing, office rental and company headquarters in Switzerland.

Expert retailer of luxury American and European vehicles in Switzerland.

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Consultancy firm specialized in financial services.

serafe pfäffikon SZ ab 2021

Schweizerische Erhebungsstelle für die Radio- und Fernsehabgabe

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