The HALTEN business center stands out. The architecture is a testimony of sophisticated class in the integration of nature and architecture. Floor-to-ceiling window bands run around the striking building with its round fronts. Perfectly integrated into the terrain – field name: Halten -, a representative business headquarters rises directly next to the A3 highway junction.

The use? HALTEN is open for everything. Inside, the room architecture with columns at large intervals allows for staging and furnishing as desired. A hotel with a round atrium at its core, which extends over all floors, is just as conceivable as a fitness centre, doctors’ offices, a gallery, shops. exhibition rooms – and of course offices. Whatever your business, HALTEN is the place to let it bloom.


Rental space: approx. 11’000 m2
Storage area: approx. 900 m2
Parking spaces: approx. 303 pcs.
Area per floor: max. approx. 3’300 m2
Number of floors: 5 for rent

  • Open for any type of use
  • Renting in noble carcass
  • Individual tenant fit-out
  • Flexible, divisible rooms
  • Bus stop nearby
  • Half connection to the motorway (full connection approved by the federal government)